9 Essential Tips for Mompreneurs

Essential tips for mompreneurs

9 Essential Tips for Mompreneurs

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Quite underrated has been the role of Mothers, today still. Even more is that of Entrepreneur Mothers, our Mompreneurs; juggling their careers with raising their children and looking after their homes.  The struggle is real and the acknowledgement little.

Women entrepreneurs face a lot of prejudice at various points of their careers, but somehow, they take matters in their hands, don’t let themselves be taken down and proudly shine through. However, with the advent of a baby, the challenge becomes many folds bigger; having a tiny human, who is completely dependent on you, is no joke. Neither is looking after your business. The daily schedule is jostled, priorities unclear and performance atrophied. It becomes more and more daunting to look after one’s business and baby.

In light of your plight, we tailored an article for you, Mompreneurs, with some essential tips that will get you through the mess with confidence and nonchalance (Yes, it is possible, if you make the following few adjustments to your quotidian.)

It is totally normal that you are worried about your kids when you are at work and about your work when you are at home. If finding the right balance is key, it is certainly not an inborn skill. Through a survey that we conducted amongst Mauritian Mompreneurs, we gathered four major concerns which most Mompreneurs conceded they were facing, or at least faced, at one point of time:

1)      Managing energy level

2)      Time management

3)      Maintaining level of customer service

4)      Stress level

We have no elixir or magic potions for you, but nine very hands-on, experiential tips that you can implement right away. They are the basic practices for a sane and healthy life – for you and those around you- and can be appropriated at any stage. The results are immediate, luckily.


1)      Know that you can’t be perfect

If there is anything you need to know first and foremost, it is that you can’t be perfect. Perfectionists might argue but, you, moms in business will know better. It’s not easy to sail through life, let alone Mompreneurhood, without getting your wings ruffled. Whatever you thought won’t be happening to you, is. You want to fight it all and be the perfect mom and the perfect entrepreneur, the perfect Mompreneur. This pursuit of perfection is bringing you more stress than result, actually. It is causing you more discomfort trying to be perfect and finding the perfect work-life balance than accepting some things as they are. It also drains you of your much needed energy. Just do your best, follow the tips set forth and understand that it’s OK to go wrong sometimes.


2)      Leverage your website and social media

The world has gone digital, in your favor. Indispensable in this age, a website is not only what you need to keep things under control, it needs to be a user- centered one which helps your clients and visitors interact with your company more comfortably. Consider your website and your social media pages as your key resources and make the most of them.

Do not leave it to luck. Your website is your 24/7 salesman, working for you even while you sleep. Let it be one reflecting your business professionalism. From the design and typography, to your contents and call to actions, to speed and responsiveness, make sure your website is an optimised one, then you can say goodbye to cold calling and prospecting. Your clients will be finding you well before you find them.

3)      Digitalise your customer interactions

Avoid a lot of stress by feeding your customers with maximum recorded information. For example, you can show FAQs by answering questions most frequently asked about your business. Getting a quote directly from your website and auto email responders are ways of attending to your customers without direct interactions, ensuring consistency, all while saving you the time to manage other areas of your life.


4)      Schedule your “me-too” time

Even the sentence evokes a patina of impossible, doesn’t it? Well, your “me-too” moment doesn’t need to look like it used to when you were single and free, not even like it used to before you had a baby and a business. But can and must be found in your daily routine. Pick out that one moment you have for yourself (if you think hard enough, you will come up with one) – it can be while you are driving, while you are having lunch or tea break, or any other activity that you have where you are completely on your own and dedicate it entirely for you. Let it be your time. And then don’t be too hard on yourself, do allow your burned-out self a spa once in a while.


5)      Relaxation techniques

Mompreneurs have many hats to wear, that of a professional, a mother, a wife, a friend, and this eternal switching of roles is no easy thing. The agenda may be saying “kids – work – home”, but, you know better the intricacy of what it involves; you barely have any time for yourself, hardly is one thing done than another crops up, and amidst all this, comes your kid to bang on your keyboard, happily deleting your hours’ work in front of your helpless stare. If there doesn’t seem to be any tangible solution, there are relaxation techniques you can use to tackle the tensions and help you to cleanly swap between your daily tasks without dragging the burden. For example, box breathing is a sure way to help you cope with the hectic routine. Lean more about it here.

6)      Healthy eating

Health is wealth. We understand that you are very busy caring for your kids, they are more important to you than anything else will ever be. Then maybe comes your husband, your home and your career, etc. In any order that you may have set the priorities, eating healthy is paramount to efficiently take care of it all. If you are not tending yourself, you are doing the exact opposite of what you want to do with your priorities. Know the facts, only 10% dehydration in your body leads to 30% loss of concentration, which is vital to stay up to the mark. This is only to mention the least. Your diet will depend on which stage of motherhood you are and how strenuous your activities are. We suggest that you follow a diet customised to your needs.

7)      Meal planning

Meal planning is exactly what it sounds like, just less scary and more relieving when put into practice. The hardest thing in cooking is knowing what to cook, every single day or night. The tricky question, most commonly replied to by “I don’t know” or “see for yourself”: What to cook tonight? Well, planning your meal is simply asking this very question weekly instead of daily and saving you a lot of useless stress. It happens in three steps: Menu selection, ingredient shopping and meal preparation. Once you have made out what you want to prepare for the coming week, list down your ingredients and get them ready. You can go an extra step by sorting them out as soon as you have them handy – divide and get your portions ready (there are many options available nowadays to keep your pantry organized, the markable storage bag is a revolution you don’t want to overlook. Most of them go in the freezer and come in appropriate sizes to perfectly suit your needs.) You will be fan sooner than you think.


8)      Choose your team wisely.

Emphasis on choosing your team can never be overrated. From your in-house team to your collaborators and technicians, make sure you’ve got the right men for the jobs. Having the ideal persons to delegate daily tasks to is already taking a huge load off your already burdened shoulders. Having the right freelancer or agency to entrust duties is priceless. On the other hand, the opposite is only off-putting and certainly not something you are entitled to.


Whether you have to get your air conditioner serviced or your website built or even your administrative tasks executed, opt for experts and enthusiasts and relieve yourself of avertable issues.


9)      Sharpen your saw

Stephen Covey, in his bestseller ‘7 Habits of Highly effective people’ notes down “Sharpen Your Saw” as the seventh Habit of highly effective people. This concept actually refers to reinforcing your strengths. For Mompreneurs, this can be through reading blogs to stay updated with the latest news and tips, attend seminars and courses to learn and implement better and faster ways of working. In short, aim to continuously improve the different areas of your life, be it work, social, personal or family.


These nine tips should help you better manage your time, energy, stress and customer service which will help you grow your business, care for your kids, family and yourself. Comment below which one of the nine tips was more meaningful for you. Share this article with your other mompreneurs and help them get through their hassle. Subscribe to your Blog, the Buzz, so that you don’t miss anything on similar contents.

Mompreneur can be hard but you don’t have to go through it alone. if you need any assistance with your online presence, drop us an e-mail mbuzz@mbuzzdigital.com opt-in your email for other free tips in the Digital World

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